Unlike conventional inks, sublimation inks are converted directly from a solid to a gas under heat and pressure, causing them to bond with the fibers of synthetic materials such as polyester. The molecules of ink revert to a solid state upon cooling, permanently staining the surfaces of the polyester.

Got an idea, poem or personal message but need a photo to give your text some “feeling”? choose your photo, customize and add your own text to be printed on mugs, mouse pads, personalized towels, plaque awards for your sport team, tiles and other personalized gifts

Whether it's a child's sporting event, wedding photos, your pet, or that favorite family photo, our products reflect beautiful photo-realistic images with rich, true color. The sublimation inks are permanently fixed to substrates and will not fade, crack, or discolor. The images of your prized possessions can now be reproduced as treasured keepsakes and unique gifts for years of enjoyment.

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