Create your own, truly unique gift, with our engraving on wood products.
Laser Engraved Photos

Why not use those treasured photographs you have at home and capture them beautifully forever on wood. Our laser engavings really are something special. They have a warm look and feel to them which catches the light in a way that gives them depth and brings the image to life.

Use your imagination to combine your photo/image with captions of your can be of people, pets, places,special occasions, other graphics, and much, much more. 

 Just send your photo by e.mail, as a Jpeg file to us , and we will do the rest.

For a quote or more information e.mail

All photographs can be engraved, but the engraved quality depends on the quality of the image provided. For best results, please provide a photo/image where the main subject is large , clear and in focus. Shadows across the front of the face can cause problems. Best results as see when the face is bright and eyes visible. For digital images, take your photo at the highest resolution and e-mail the original image to us. The larger the printed photo the better the engraving.

For engraving images of people, it is best to have close-ups of the head and shoulders so that the photograph has good definition of the face and eyes. Black and white photographs also work just fine. Very small photograph's or photo's where the main feature is far away can cause a challenge...however just send them on to us with your contact details and we will call you to see what is possible.

What resolution does my Jpeg file need to be?
Ideally 300Dpi is great…but 200 Dpi and lower will also work but the quality of the image reproduced wont be as sharp and clear.